She came with the moon, hiding in the dark.

She came unexpected with a coffee at the park.

The guy who see the clouds was alone, singing and waiting, killing time. He knew something was about to happen but, he didn’t know what to expect. History tells he was about to crash but, he ended up meeting his crush. It was a new felling, it wasn’t common to be someone’s crush and he didn’t know what to expect.

“When you don’t know what to expect, act” the little voice in his head kept repeating that and he didn’t even remember where did he hear that before.

The way she moved felt like a dance,

she knew he got only one chance.

The moment he heard her voice he couldn’t help to tremble. Shake, shake, shake.He only could think “God, she’s pretty” but deep inside he thought “… and she likes me” maybe this was the moment when he started to act. The night was nice and the coffee was great but, nothing happened to make it a date. He went alone, terrified. Shake, shake, shake. He kept thinking “Maybe I did something wrong, maybe she didn’t like me when she knew, maybe, maybe, maybe…”

She was the dancer in my room,

she is the bunny at the moon.

Yesterday was perfect.

She is my light, my moon, my all.
My ego, my free time, my attention.
She is my all.

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